Saturday, January 5, 2008

Freeze the Cheese Please

That’s right. Cheddar cheese. Mozzarella cheese. Monterey Jack cheese. Colby cheese. Block, Chunk, or Grated; once exposed, most have a life span of approximately 5-7days before turning rancid.

If your family has a history of flushing unused cheese dollars down the drain, and such wastes make you wince, I’ve got great news. (No, this has nothing to do with that annoying Geico commercial.) After opening a block of cheese, if you do not foresee a short term purpose for any leftover:

1. Cut Up into single serving chunks

2. Wrap individually in aluminum foil

3. Transfer into a Zip lock Freezer bag

4. Label with “use by date” (stamped on wrapper)

5. Freeze for future use

Note: Let thaw at room temperature on counter top (15-20 minutes)before serving. Makes a great after school or road trip snack! Can also be used as an additional source of calcium for home made school lunches-:)

*For shredded cheese, follow steps 3-5. Sprinkle on salads, omelets, home-made pizzas etc.

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