Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Bad Hair Day!

Earlier this year, Daddoo and I were on our way out to a Shawn Mullins concert. He was ready to head out the front door; I was still having a bad hair day!
“Let’s go, your hair looks fine,” he said impatiently, as I stood in front of our bathroom mirror, tweaking and pulling in every direction. Turning to Scrawny, I asked,“Does mommy’s hair look all right?”
She glanced up; stared for a brief second and said,“Uh-huh! All you need is a hat!”


Fleiger said...

We have a saying in Hindi, which essentially means that kids will tell you as it is... However embarrassing that might turn out for us ;)

Here by Blogrush.

Ladymars said...

Lol Lol...the honesty of kids

Jetranger said...

Kids are soooo funny.

Rebca said...

OUT of the mouth of babes!

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