Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Because You are Black"

Once upon a time, Daddoo and I(with the children)were on our way back home to Florida from a funeral in West Virginia. Approximately 15 minutes after crossing the Kentucky state line, a state trooper pulled us over. (Mind you, on and on for the past several hours I've asked, nagged and even pleaded with him to slow down).

After the usual license and registration scrutiny, the cop asked, "Do you know why I stopped you Sir?"
“No Sir” replied Daddoo.
“The speed limit is 65 mph and by manual observation, you’ve been going 82 mph. Were you aware of this?”
“No Sir, I didn’t think I was going that fast.”
Subsequently, the trooper handed him a citation for speeding; cautioned, “y'all drive safely” and took off. So did we. I expected minutes of really awkward silence, because I wasn’t about to say, "I told you so." I expected his face to turn red with embarrasment or anger. But what I didn’t expect, was the verbal outburst that followed…

“That Mother****ing, Sonofabi**h, C**ksucking, Jacka** were the first batch of many really weird sounding word combos that flew from his mouth. Then he turned to me and said, “I honestly believe that the only reason he pulled us over, was because you are black!”

Silence. Silence. Silence

I wanted to laugh, but I was too irritated. I wanted to pick a spot...anywhere on his upper torso and give him a good whacking; but that would make matters worse. “You were speeding dear.” I mumbled under my breath. ‘Why don’t you just admit it you macho bonehead’ I thought.

Anyhow to this day, methinks he still holds firm to his belief. And I to mine with reasons of course. But sometimes one has to wonder…was he on to something? I’d like to hear what you think;-)

1 comment:

Rosie said...

Your husband is really hilarious! Please tell him DWB only happens when the person driving is Black, not when the passenger is. But it is good to see he is on your side on the DWB issue.

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