Sunday, December 30, 2007

Let Your Yes, be Yes!

While I was busy folding some clothes in the laundry room, Furr-ball walks in and blurts,
“Mom, guess what word I hate the most?”
“I don’t know.” I reply. “What word might that be?”
“Because every time I ask you for something good to eat like, Oreos or Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream, you always say maybe…and then, I never get it!”

I explain that when a grown-up says “maybe,” sometimes it’s just a polite way of saying no; because that grown up is not really sure he or she wants to say yes at that moment.
“Why can’t you and all those grown-ups just say yes or no?”

She has a point. A point that would have even made Christ proud of her. Didn’t he once caution, “Let your yes be yes, and your no, no?”

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Struggle For Justice said...

Once a nurse in a hospital, when I was young, promised me some ice cream, but she was just lying to shut me up. Adults do this to kids and then wring their hands when the kids lie.

Jennifer said...

So true! I feel like I never say yes to my kids - mostly no and we'll see!

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