Friday, September 7, 2007

A Little White Lie Goes a Long Way...

Daddoo and I were on our way back from an evening stroll, when we noticed a man walking away from our front door.
"May we help you?" I asked.
He said he was from True Green Lawn Care Company and was just making his rounds in our family-friendly subdivision.
"By the way," he added, "You have trained your daughter well. She told me to come back later because her parents were taking a nap."

Later, after chastising kid sid for answering the doorbell in the first place (which she'd been cautioned not to), I asked, "So, why did you lie to that man?"
"Dad does it all the time!" She replied.
“Remember that time Aunt Bubba called while Dad was watching “American Idol” and he said to tell her he went jogging?"
"Young Lady, you need to do as we say not as we do."
"And you guys need to lead by example."
She was absolutely right! Children live what they learn.

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whutina said...

I just think the kid is right. Lead by example. You as a person are only as good as your word.

Rebca said...

Sometimes little white lies are okay, in my opinion (for what that is worth). For instance, the little girl said her folks were taking a nap. What if she had said they were gone out? What if the guy at the door had been a phedophile or some such thing and knew she was home alone at the moment? What if he had grabbed her, or being a thief, come in and robbed the place, or some such criminal behavior? Would THAT have been better than for him to think her folks were napping? I think not.

Anonymous said...

AHA! I am going to remember that John!!!


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