Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Spy With my Little Eye Something...

A couple years ago, we were on our way home from a family outing, when I asked Daddoo to swing by Publix. My intentions were good…really. I just wanted to grab a cart of Soymilk. However, by a vote of 4-1, my proposition was vetoed. The children had nothing specifically against Soymilk or Publix. They just didn’t trust me. Okay, let me rephrase…they were onto me. Based on my track record, they knew there was no such thing as "in and out of the store," for me. Who could blame them? Last time they heard my famous “I’d be right back” routine, I came rushing out of the store to find my youngest two snoring comfortably in sync; John’s face, beet red! Words that had no business coming out of the mouth of a father with young children were hauled at me at the speed of light. Anyhow, we all agreed that he was a better candidate and should run in. In the interim, we decided to play the famous, "I spy with my little eye something..." game.

“I spy with my little eye something gray” I began.
“Your hair!” exclaimed Scrawny.
“Noooooooo…the steering wheel, Dumbo!” replied Kid Sid
I spy with my little eye something green. I spy with my little... something red. Something purple. If you’re not familiar with this game, by now I’m sure you get the point. Just when we thought all of the obvious color coding comparisons had been made, Furr-ball blurted,
“I spy with my little eye something yellow.”
“Jade, there’s nothing yellow in the car” I said.
“Mom, can you say cheese?”
I flashed my pearls.
“That’s Yellow!” She pointed and chuckled.

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