Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's a Boy!

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking and it’s not even close. I have not been pregnant and kept it all to myself for the past nine months. And no, we did not adopt a son in our attempt to even out the 4 to 1 (girl/boy) ratio in my household.

A few weeks ago, just out of a feline scale curiosity, Daddoo and I rented Marley and me. A movie that made one of his buddies boo-hoo like a toddler (from what I heard). We wanted to know why. As much as I hate to admit, it was not a bad movie. Okay, fine. Even by the standards of a non pet loving senora like moi, it ended up being a somewhat good-in a sad heartwarming sort of way-movie. But here’s the thing, we now have a dog. Thanks to Daddoo. Not just any dog but one that looks exactly like, that puppy from Marley and Me. He said a dog would be good for the family. He said a dog would be protective of us in his absence. He said he read somewhere that having a dog offered a kick-@ss benefit. Longevity! And so far so good, Mojo, our 6-week-old male Labrador, is well liked by the kids. Mojo is good natured. Mojo is playful. Mojo likes to nip at anything that moves. Not too much of a problem there…we could work on that unpleasant habit. The problem however, is that Mojo likes to hump. Legs that is. Particularly Furrball’s. And that to me is seriously disturbing!

P.S. All tips about putting an end to nipping and humping would be greatly appreciated. Really.


Anonymous said...

Hi Titinta... KateyS here.
Puppy humping can be controlled by immediately and firmly removing the puppy (by his collar) & at the same time giving a very firm and 'growly' one-word command such as 'NO!'

The command must always be the same one and your own demeanour aloof and in control, not angry. Some perseverance will be needed and you must be consistent with it, but it will work.

If you are intending to neuter your dog (which I would recommend for a house-pet) get it done as soon as possible within a vet's guidelines as to age & condition. Mostly this will stop your dog's umwelcome humping. It's simply 'puppy-play' in readiness to be an adult dog.

As to the biting & nipping, this is also puppy stuff and can be controlled on the same way. Make sure your puppy has an 'allowed' chewable and then say, "NO!" as above, remove the forbidden item. Move the puppy to his mat or 'safe place' and give him his own chewable. (I actually gave Cocoa her own shoe, and that worked well.)

Giving pup a large fresh bone regularly to chew on also works and is good for his teeth and jaw development. **NEVER GIVE COOKED BONES - they splinter!**

Rawhide chews are okay but I'd be careful about them. Some brands build up in the tummy and cause big problems. Truly 'real' bones are best if you can get then. I always freeze mine first to destroy any health hazard, then thaw to room temp again before offering.

There is a brilliant book, "The Dog Listener" by Jan Fennell which you would find a big help. First published by HarperCollins in 2000, it's ISBN number is: 0 00 653236 5

Best of luck.. and enjoy your new puppy immensely. They are wonderfully loyal companions.

Angels & blessings always,
xx K xx

Bennie said...


Thanks for the well detailed info. We plan on implementing all as applicable and appropriate. We've had him for about 6-days and he seemed to have doubled in size already. I have observed the eating habit as well...seems like he's always looking for food. I finally insisted to hubby that he should stop getting up at night to feed him (in addition to his three meals).

Again, thanks and hopy you are having a splendid day!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with Mojo - very cool name! Hummer and Dude definitely enrich our lives and I'm sure yours will be enriched and elongated too.


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