Friday, November 28, 2008

A Death Wish for the Ages

P r e l u d e
Lately, Furrball’s fascination with death and dying…or should I say curiosity is a bit mind boggling. See, she’ll ask questions like:

-Does it hurt when we die?
-Do we get to keep the same body?
-Will there be enough room for everyone in heaven?

Other questions in my opinion are downright hilarious, especially when they revolve around her desire to evolve into Piplup-her favorite Pokémon after death.

F i n a l e
As I am tucking her in bed two nights ago, she says, “I love you mommy.”
“I love you more.” I reply.
“That’s not possible. I love you forever and infinity.” She continues in a proud tone of voice.
“I love you even when I am dead and not around anymore.” I say.

Pause, pause, pause…

“So, if you die, who’s gonna take care of me…Daddy?”
“Sure.” I reply. “I think he will do a great job.”

Pause, pause, pause…

“Well, if you die, can you take me with you?”

And what do you say to that, other than, “Go to sleep Dear,” with the biggest smooch on the forehead?


Rosie said...


Anonymous said...

Savannah's favorite is Piplup too. LOL


Anonymous said...

Hey Matt,

Piplup is such a weird name. Doesn't it seem like a really cool name for the unmistakeble sound of poop dropping into a toilet bowl? LOL!

Good to see you in this neck of the woods-;)

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