Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Scrawny's Words of Wisdom

Our school board has kept me busy as a substitute teacher throughtout this past couple weeks. I can't complain. Why should I? Not only did it come with a title upgrade from "stay-at-home-mom(sahm), to "sub teacher," I've been enjoying making a difference(hopefully) to some child, somewhere. However, I must ask...why didn't anyone warn me that working with varying sets of young children could also place your health at risk?

So, here I am home today, sick as sick can be; down and out with some wicked virus or a flu bug that's got a bigger bug up it's rear end. My head's been throbbing. My stomach's been churning with nausea; my entire body, aching like it's been driven over, and over again by a tractor trailer. I had to keep my younger two at home too. Daddoo is up, up, and away on some business trip and this morning, I could not pick myself off my bathroom floor, let alone drive anyone, anywhere.

Anyhow, I say to Scrawny, who had the same symptoms (sore throat and stuffy nose) just like yours truly, the day before...

"So, how come you're feeling better already and I'm getting sicker and sicker?"
"Mom, you're old," was exactly those uplifting words of wisdom that I needed to hear-;)


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better real soon. The fungal cesspools that are daycare and elementary classes can be quite formidable until your immune system catches up.

Much love,


Bennie said...

Mucho gracias senor matt. I am feeling better already. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods -:)

Amy said...

It sucks getting old, doesn't it? I worked at a daycare center years ago and I was always sick. The little ones are good at spreading the nasty germs.
Glad your feeling better.

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