Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What's With Grown-ups and Bathrooms?

After picking up my younger two from school yesterday, as usual, I asked , “How was your day?”
“Fine.” Replied Furr-ball. “I had lots of fun.”

Silence. Silence. Silence…

Turning to Scrawny, who apparently seemed pissed off for some reason, I asked, “Well, what about you?”
“My stomach was hurting all day.” She replied.
“Did you need to use the bathroom?”
“No!” She screeched. Then she grunted like some wild animal and blurted, “What’s wrong with you people? What’s with grown-ups and bathrooms?

Silence. Silence. Silence…

I just stared and zipped it! Apparently this kid had something she’d like to get off her chest and here is her story-in her own words…

First , I said to my Teacher during reading, Ms. Hingle, my stomach hurts. She said,
“Well, go to the bathroom.”
So, I went to the bathroom and just sat and sat…nothing happened! Then, while we were in the computer lab, my stomach started hurting again. I walked up to the teacher, and said,
Mrs. Brooks, my stomach hurts. She said,
“Well, go to the bathroom.”

Scrawny’s question of the day
Why do grown-ups always think that kids need to use the bathroom every time their tummy hurts?

I am handling this as a rhetorical question. You should too…unless of course you reeeeeeeeeally happen to have an answer you’d like me to relay to her-:)


Lady Lanie Bug said...

Good time to explain a little anatomy and bodily functions from the grown-ups experienced wisdom. Explain a time when this happened to you, and how much poop came out, be as gross as necessary, then tell how much better you felt. Oh and sometimes teachers don't know the correct solution, but also sometimes people have ignored this solution and then wasn't able to make it to the bathroom. Now how embarassing would that have been. Emphasize the compassion shown by the teacher by even acknowleding that she wasn't faking (which does happen so often with kids) That teacher must really care about her, and man the trust she was showing she had in the student. She was actually giving her a little break away from classwork, maybe just to get up and walk a little bit, get a little sip of water, wash her face. She wasn't being ugly by suggesting this, she was really showing her love and compassion that young girl needs to have pointed out to her. Too often we all forget there are more than one way to interpret someones intentions, and it makes you feel alot better if you choose to go with the positive interpretation. Just another moms viewpoint

Amey said...

Nope... sorry... No answers on this one.

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