Saturday, November 24, 2007

Light Jacket

Daddoo and I like to go for a brisk walk after dinner. And each time, Furr-ball would huff and puff until we either give in and let her tag along or pay her off. Usually, a handful of coins is enough to do the trick.

A few days ago, as we were about to head out in a windy fiftyish Northern GA temperature, she asked, "Can I come too?" I handed her a dollar bill; told her we’d be right back and asked her older sisters to keep an eye on her. Half way down the driveway, I heard, “Mom, heeeeeeeeeere! Take this!” We turned around to find her waving the dollar at us.
“That’s yours” I replied. “Go back inside.”
“Nooooooo mommy, you keep the dollar; I wanna come."
"Fine." I said. "Go get your Light Jacket."
But when she came back out...

I remember thinking...
She needs hearing aid or I need speech therapy -:)


Amey said...

You mentioned windyish... was it a rainy day too?

After all, a jacket is a jacket is a jacket... And you didn't specify which kind she would need :D

Bennie said...

Hey amey,

I guess I can see how one so young could get lost in the phonetics of "light" vs. "life" from a distance on a windy day. Maybe we were going sailing on our neighbor's boat and I didn't even know it -:)

Rosie said...

Awww, so cute and funny.

Jennifer said...

Funny! At least your children are providing you with material for your blog:) Mine do all the time.

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