Thursday, August 14, 2008

An Appetite for Destruction

Thinking about getting a puppy? Think again!

A Dog may be man's best friend; but, a puppy? Be warned! Its potential and abilities for destructive behaviour when not supervised is mind boggling!
Anyway, several months ago, Daddoo in his infinite wisdom (and against my better judgement... of course), decided to get the girls an Australian Shepherd with the dispositon of a psychotic Dingo.
So far, so good, here's what we have to show for it...




(From chewing)



(From digging)



And After...

(From chewing, clawing, or digging???)


So, still thinking about getting a puppy?

Don't say I didn't warn you-;)


Anonymous said...

Our family dog, a Westie, is really running on empty. I have spent the last 14 years picking up doo doo, mopping up pee, repairing various damage, and walking him. My daughter is already wanting another dog, and this one isn't even dead yet. I will NEVER have another in the "house" dog. Is that being mean? My daughter will be moved out before the next one "expires". Who do you think is going to get stuck with the dirty work again? NOT ME! LOL!

Rosie said...

Bennie, dont worry. They grow out of it and settle down. It is all that extra energy. Try this, take the puppy for a long walk or run in an open space. It usually wears them out and leaves less energy for digging, chewing or any other destructive ideas. For the future, adopt an older dog.

Bennie said...

Hey Rosie,

Still thinking about moving to GA? Do keep me posted. Perhaps we could do brunch or something-;)

Btw, nice piece on NIA. I left you a comment to The Burden of Tradition

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