Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Hershey's Kisses Kiss

For mother’s day, Scrawny brings me a handful of Hershey’s Kisses from school in addition to a hand made card and instructs me not to share it with anyone. And despite the massive amount of begging and pleading that Furr-ball could muster up, the answer from me to her, was still a firm, “Sorry, Charlie, I have my orders.”

Yesterday, while packing Furr-ball’s school lunch, I found a morsel of the chocolate that I had put away especially for her-(yes, I had every intention of sharing!). I tossed it into a zip lock bag and wrote,
“From me to you, here’s a very special kiss. Love, Mom.”

Hours later as I stand by the office of our local elementary school, waiting to pick up my girls, Furr-ball comes running out , waving that same old zip lock bag.

“That was so sweet of you, Mom,” she says.
“Why didn’t you eat it?” I ask.
“Because I wanted to share it with you.” She replies. She then tears off the wrapping; asks me to take a bite and quickly tosses the rest inside her mouth. Holding back the tears is tough…but, I try as I give her a tight squeeze.

Is there a point to this rambling of an obviously proud and mushy Mama? You bet! If you know of a kindergartner or any other child for that matter that could give my Furr-ball a run for her money when it comes to being totally Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet, I’d say...BRING IT-;)


Rosie said...

happy belated mothers day.
Btw, I just moved to Georgia. Maybe we will meet some day when I am settled.

Bennie said...

Hey rosie,

That would be nice. Whereabout in GA? If you don't mind this inquiry mind-lol!

Thanks for the mother's day wishes.

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